Oomph! Cape Roasted Cold Brewed

What is Oomph!? Oomph! is our own cold brew coffee recipe.  We make ours a little stronger than most.  Why?  Well, mostly because we like it that way (and so do so many of you) but also because it gives you that "personal" option to add some clean, cold water if you prefer it a little mellower.  Check here to see what coffee we are currently using as we change it from time to time if we find a new single origin we think will make for a fabulous cold brew.  

We are currently using a Honduran that is both organic and fair trade certified that is big and creamy with rich, milk chocolate, hazelnut and mild citrus notes.  Just fabulous!

Available at our roasting facility in Eastham and select Beanstock accounts!

Nitro Oomph! also available!