Sip 'n' Slurp Book (A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting)

$ 25.00

If you are looking for that ONE gift to impress the coffee aficionado in your life, this is it!  The wonderful Freda Yuan has written the book so many ask for with “Sip ‘n’ Slurp” A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting.  Whether you are a passionate amateur looking to up your tasting game or work in the industry and wanting a fun, approachable read that will aid in your ability to taste with intentionality – this book is a great resource.  And it’s packed with sensory information and fun experiments to help you experience what a professional coffee taster does.  What makes Freda an authority in this field?  Oh, she just finished top 5 in the world at the World Cup Taster’s Championships.  IN THE WORLD!!