Mystery Bag

$ 30.00

*Now available for shipping!!*

A big welcome back to the Beanstock Mystery Bag! Available during the off-season only, these are the perfect deal for the coffee drinker who likes a little bit of everything! Including everything from your tried and true Beanstock favorites to our small-batch Select Series roasts, these bundles contain three 12 oz bags of our choice with a savings of up to $20 per set! How can that be?? You see, while still wonderfully fresh and delicious, Beanstock Mystery Bags contain our coffees that are past our ideal "new sale" roast date. Roasted anywhere from several days to occasionally up to two weeks prior, these beans still make an excellent cup of coffee that we would happily drink ourselves (and often do!). Thanks to our nitrogen-flushing and heat-sealing system, which keeps oxygen away from your coffee and helps it stay fresh for up to two months, this is truly a deal that can't be beat! And who knows? Maybe it'll even lead you to your new favorite roast!

Ordering is open every day, but is subject to availability. It may sometimes take an extra day or two to process your order, as we need appropriate coffee to do so. This is an off-season only special. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.