Java Anaerobic Natural

$ 12.99

Coming to us from the Riunggunung Estate in Java, this lot is harvested from the highest elevation on the farm. On cold evenings, this part of the farm can frost, which can devastate production. However, when the crops are able to thrive, this contrast in temperature creates a beautiful, complex flavor in the cup. 

This particular crop is light and sweet with notes of sangria, elderflower, and cocoa. 

This is an extremely limited release, so be sure to order yours while you can! 

*ALL sizes will be packaged in our heat-sealed and Nitrogen-flushed bags to preserve freshness and create the best drinking experience possible*

From Friday, 6/17, through Monday, 6/20, proceeds from the sale of this coffee will benefit the Innocence Project. Read more about them and their important work here.

For each sale of the Anaerobic Natural the following amounts will be donated:

1 lb Bag - $5
12 oz Bag - $3
8 oz Bag - $2