Coffee Lover's Bundle

$ 72.95

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! This bundle includes the following:

- One Ceramic Hario V60 Pour Over Brewer (your choice of color)

- 100 pack of V60 filters

- Frida Yuan's book Sip 'n' Slurp Coffee: A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting

- 12 oz bag of Beanstock's Holiday Roast Mexican Santa Cruz Natural. A delicious single-origin with creme brulee creaminess and notes of chocolate brownie and strawberry jam. (Yum!)

- A Beanstock Brew Recipe - a guided set of directions for brewing an excellent cup made especially for this by our Director of Coffee! 

This bundle is truly a coffee sipping experience in a box - everything from brewing to tasting to learning and (of course) - coffee included! This is not to be missed if you have a coffee fanatic to shop for (or want to treat yourself)! 

*sleigh not included*