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Your stalwart companion throughout the day. Solid and steady. Less bright, but more depth and body.

Colombian Supremo Organic

Colombian Supremo Organic

This shade-grown estate (Valle de Cauca) coffee is very smooth and naturally sweet. Its brightness, milk chocolate and lemon notes make it a great "any time of day" cup.

Costa Rican Micro Lot

Costa Rican Micro Lot "Monte de Paz"

A new "one bag" special from Costa Rica. This amazing micro lot has a rich, creamy body and wonderful, subtle notes of strawberry and watermelon.

Ethiopian Amaro Gayo

Ethiopian Amaro Gayo

This outstanding coffee has great body and balance with notes of sweet blueberry and subtle cherry, but it's best feature may well be that it is exported through Ethiopia's only female miller/exporter, Asnakech Thomas. Many social programs are in the works though support of this coffee including job creation, school creation and medical care. A high end coffee and certified organic.

Honduran Marcala Organic

Honduran Marcala Organic

From Café Organico Marcala, a company of small coffee growers, comes this medium roast with bright acidity, a hint of sweet citrus and a creamy, chocolate body. Grown on the Cordillera de Montecillos, which has been growing coffee since the mid-19th century, this bean offers a cup to satisfy the most demanding taste buds.